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This is Kuber Singh and let me tell you the story of Farmhut.

You and your loved ones deserve the best milk, and Farmhut is my way of making sure you get it. I have always been a milk guy. My grandma has 2 cows and a small goat and I was fortunate to drink pure and fresh milk every day. When I moved out of state for education and work, I was never able to re-experience that taste and therefore stopped drinking milk altogether. In the past, I was diagnosed with Resting Leg Syndrome (RLS), a debilitating illness that almost prevents you from sleeping. RLS, for those who are unaware, is characterized by a nearly irresistible urge to move the legs, typically during sleeping. I tried many medications and searched online for home remedies, but nothing worked. Since this is an incurable disease, doctors suggested taking tablets for life.

Self-care included stretching before sleeping, following a strict sleeping schedule, taking iron tablets, and many other things. When nothing worked, my grandmother suggested I start drinking milk again. However, I was unable to find a milk company that could guarantee and pure milk. We found a farmer around 10 kilometers from the city and started getting milk from him and drinking it regularly. I felt the urge to move my legs lessen after a couple of weeks. I continued to drink milk and am now able to sleep well.  It taught me the importance of milk in daily life, which we've been taught since we were young, but didn't follow through with. The RLS might not have been cured if I had consumed milk from pouches or contaminated milk. It is because preservatives, antibiotics, and chemicals in plastic pouches can do more harm than good, and that is why I took extra steps to purchase only the highest quality milk for me and my family.

This personal experience made me realize that how difficult is it in cities of India to get something pure and fresh without harmful preservatives, this is where the idea of Farmhut was born. At first we thought we could use plastic pouches to pack our fresh milk, as it is very easy to handle and also cost effective. But then during additional research I realized the vast problem of India’s plastic and very high ocean pollution due to that, and then I decided to use recyclable glass even at high cost but very low cost on environment. This is how I started Farmhut™, where I can provide the healthiest unadulterated milk on the market to every one of my customers every day. Although milk provides numerous benefits and is probably the healthiest beverage we can consume, many people remain concerned about its purity. This is why Farmhut guarantees our milk to be 100% pure and unadulterated

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
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